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Dog's education

Please let us know more about stink's education. Was he trained to be an assistance, detection or guard and guide dog or as an LGD?


  • Hi Saimiri, Hi Konradl,

    i thought LGD means livestock guardian dog, livestock are cows and sheep on a farm.
    Your lifeguard needs an f instead of a v, and means a live-saver, a person at a beach or a pool, who rescues people in danger. But perhaps they are nowadays accompanied by a lifeguard dog, why not?
  • Dear Saimiri, ï, Saïmiri,

    what does your name mean in English?
    You ask for LGD, thanks for your interest, it means Liveguard Guardian Dogs.
  • Please let us know more about stink's education. Was he trained to be an assistance, detection or guard and guide dog or as an LGD?
  • Well, in any case I'm almost sure Stink is a thoroughbred dog, if not even a Best of Breed. Bruno is a sophisticated man with an exquisite taste. He doesn't settle for any garden-variety pooch. ;-)
  • I don't know anything about the education of Stink (which name's provenance has already been discussed here in the forum). What an ironic name by the way for the pet of an entrepreneur who sells perfumes and can't even smell himself. But nothing amazes me anymore in the Delavigne cooperation.

    I can image the main function of Stink is to bear Bruno company in his rare spare moments. Busy as he is all the time, in those scarce moments no human being is there to keep him company, to Bruno, the poor single man. What happened to his date by the way, the blind woman he dated - Betty, Betsy-, what was her name again?

    Oh, I feel to sorry for him. Sometimes, I figure, he needs compassion and company, the warmth and solace of a female consort. Stink, as reliable and faithful he is, he can't talk with Bruno. Well, maybe that's not too much of an misfortune. Nobody knows what me would babble all the time could he talk. At any rates he could shoot the breeze with Bruno what it's like to be a dog. Some people know it themselves, because they are being treated like a canine. Whoever was married to a garrulous and overbearing woman knows what I'm talking about. He didn't even have to marry her, he just had to shack up with her. Every evening, the whip is laid aside and the dog leash is ready to grant you a little fresh air and you have the chance to vent your spleen on innocents and uninvolved joggers.

    Oh, gee! Poor Stink. Somebody should call the animal welfarists!
  • Good evening, Gentlemen. You put on airs with all those dogs' education topics. When I was young, life was more simple; we dared speak or even sing frankly, just like Maurice Chevalier : (free translation) " Please tell me Mother, why are dogs, in the streets, mounting over each other ? Why do people throw to them buckets of water ?"
  • Hi, Saïmiris are little (2 pounds weight) monkeys living in the south american jungle. I bet in Delavigne's world, they would not afford feeding big apes. Saïmiris are very clever. They live in matriarchal communities (no link in my mind between these two last sentences).
  • Is there anything in the story that would prove STINK is a he or a she dog, or even as we are in e. life a "it" dog with preferences (if any) for or to the "he" or the "she" ? For us monkeys in real life, it doen't work that way, but we are far more clever than dogs (I write under Konrad L's control).
  • what is a LGD ?
    And more, does he bite ? does he bark during the working hours or when Bruno is away ? How old is he ?

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