English Grammar

Gerundive or infinitive?

"I relly need getting up to date on the designers' latest collection"-I wrote that thing in a exercice few days ago and M Linux shouted"no you must say:-need to get up to date- with a red/red explanation!
But, Can't we say: My hair needs cutting, my English needs brushing up
Great thanks for the explanations


  • I am a philistine as far as grammar is at stake. So I can just tell you a possible clue that springs to my mind.

    Your hair needs cutting. Even though 'cutting' is strictly speaking a present participle, the subject of the action of cutting is not 'your hair'.
    It's likewise with your English that needs brushing up.

    On the other hand, you need to get up. If I may say so, nobody else will "get you up". You are the glorious subject of the action.

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