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This is to measure how many people read this topic. Metrics will be calculated and results published, if any / ;-) /.


  • Hi Ms Ayeomen, neither the secret service, nor the police but the (voluntary) self-regulation with sole resposibility and the child welfare agency keep tabs on the GG activities.
  • Report n°1 / Week : 36 / Agent : 001
    Number of independant contributors * : 6
    Number of views of the week : 55
    Number of responses : 7
    Quincy Ratio : 12.7%
    This topic has not reached Joe’s first level target of 10 responses.
    It is however authorized to pursue its career for at least one more week.
  • Icarus Archibald Quincy : Hi, Ms. Benedict, I tell you, I have a dream...
    Hannah Benedict : Yes Icarus, you dream you are flying
    Icarus : No, Ms. Benedict, I am discovering a new Ratio, just like Cooke or McDonough
    Hannah : ...and what is it about, Icarus ?
    Icarus : it will caracterise the success of an item on the GG forum : it will be given by the percentage of responses per views.
    Hannah : fabulous, Icarus, we'll call it the Quincy Ratio.
    Icarus : Oh thank you, Ms.Benedict, but how can I propose it to the Metrics Controller ?
    Hannah : Be confident, Icarus...I'll manage....
  • Big Brother is watching : perhaps it is a first step to see how many users would be able to pay for further information ?
  • This is to measure how many people read this topic. Metrics will be calculated and results published, if any / ;-) /.
  • To Joe
    Hi Joe, as we are reaching the round ten of interventions, I kind of want to comply with the rules you set up.
    Thank you for explaining your doldrums. I got it yet.

    To The Spirit of St-Louis - say, the Flying Icarus Spirit
    I'd be interested in learning how to calculate the QR. I couldn't just catch it.
    I knew how to find the IQ so far. But the QR is a secret to me.
    By the way, dear Spirit of IAQ, watch that Icarus doesn't fly too high. Keep in mind that reaching the tropopause (in SFO it's about 11 km) the temperature is about minus 53° C but as Icarus would climb closer to the sun, it could loose his wings. What a loss that would be!
    Keep up the good work. That's the spirit!

  • Jeepers creepers! It just so happens that from now on a lot of incomers are about to swamp the forum. Two days ahead it'll be jam-packed. That's likely to change my mood. I had indeed turned in the doldrums so scarce had the visits become.
    Who could think an stakeout would alter the face of this forum so quickly?

    Where was I? I was on the verge of forgetting the new Quincy Ratio!
    Congratulations, Icarus! You're flying highest levels.
  • Hi Metrics Controller,
    Hi Screwball (aka Joe),

    As this thread is reaching its twentieth tip, I wanted to comply with Joe's suggestion by coming on.

    Joe's last intervention needs a double follow-up (as asked by his CW).

    1st. I'd say "it would be fair that every ten visits be hailed..." (subj.) I think that "every thenth visit" is correct as well.

    2d. I think that Joe is completely off the mark by making think that GGusers are in the doldrums when they come down the forum to write a tip. Not at all. On the contrary they step in light-heartedly and blithely jot their say down.

    Now I wonder why the secret services sent their agent 001 to watch the forum traffic. Has GymGlish been put under police surveillance? Would Horatio have talked rubbish again?

    See you.
  • Dearest forum traffic controller,

    I thought it would be fair that every ten visits should be hailed by a comment. That the reason of this one.

    Tell me, controller, with the help of which kind of meter do you measure the doldrums?
    Shouldn't you translate your results in feet? Just for British-mad GG users.

    Expecting an answer metrically shaped.

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