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  • Good ideas, and if Horatio was able to calculate a ratio, it could be called the HO-ratio....
  • These little monkey-apes are inbeatable imaginative, but be cautious, perhaps it's H3O and OH, or only H2O.
  • I, Justinian ASSAGE, of the Witty Leeks, thought it would be worth releasing some files recorded in the Delavigne premises in SF.

    Warning: The Witty Leeks release hidden or normally unavailable documents while preserving the anonymity of reporters. As vegetables they are salted so as to be sucked galore by everyone going mad about gossips. Their first enemy is Joe the plumber whose aim is to stop leaks anywhere at any times. The Witty Leeks aim at making true truth get public. They speak overtly but merely report documents without any comment. It's up to readers to make up their mind.
    Recording of talks held in the office of Bruno Delavigne, CEO of the Delavigne Corporation.
    San Francisco, September 08, 2010, 09:13 LT.
    Susie: Oh my God, Bruno! Have you seen the article? We're in Vague magazine!

    Bruno: Yeah, Brian showed it to me this morning.

    Susie: Aren't you happy? I am! I spent months trying to convince the journalist to feature us.

    Bruno: Did you read the article Susie? We received 7.5 out of 10 stars. Why? There's no explanation! Here, read this. Why did Kalvin Krime's contraption score 9/10. Because it's Kalvin Krime? Wow, what an argument!

    Susie: To be fair, the journalist does give a balanced description of each perfume.

    Bruno: The journalist knows how to read the packaging of each product, they probably didn't even open any of the perfumes! We live in a world where 7.5 journalists out of 10 don't know what they're talking about, and the other 2.5 can't get jobs. It makes me so mad!
    Bluster aside, Susie, we have to strike a decisive blow to reverse the trend. We should make a show, dazzle people all around the world. Hear, Susie! Call the staff in within a couple of days for a brainstorming and collect all useful suggestions to jump-start a kick off campaign of yielding advert.

    Susie: That's it, Sir. I'm gonna do it at a blitzing speed.
    Recording of the talks hold in the CEO's office 3 days later, on September 11, 2010.
    (first 13 interventions unreadable), then

    Brian: Why not making our perfumer Horatio, along with his chief monkey Giuseppe, getting lampooned all over the world in cartoons about posies and phials of Tiger Lily therewith attached?

    Horatio: Would you mean my monkeys should be a laughing stock?

    Susie: In this connection, a customer from Freiburg, Germany, going by the name of Gwendo, warned that monkeys could secrete H³O if they were stuck in a cartoon. And Mrs LauraM suggested that Horatio be sketched wearing wool wings knitted by Polly.

    Bruno: Before further debate, we should learn about all suggestions Susie gathered in.

    Susie: Not un
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    Quincy Ratio : 20%
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  • If I am not mistaken, there is an embedded spy in the Delavigne staff. Icarus seems to be of the same spy ring as the Metrics controller. Or has Icarus' spirit been hypnotized by the Metrics controller?
  • A very fine deduction for a screwball ! The contributors do not seem to be all independant as suggested ! Who knows : gods, the screwball and, for sure, the data base administrator....
  • YES, Joe, Ho-Ratio is a bad play on words (and on the name of a person. this is very naughty, indeed !). NO, Joe, Saïmiri is not a japanese intern. Saïmiri is the Californian Agent of the Squirrel Monkeys Association Worldwide.
  • Well copied, Saïmiri. Thank you for putting things right about your big responsability.
    Enjoy the fall in California... in trees or whatever else.
  • Yes, in trees and also on the network, perhaps one day you will see in another place of the forum (because here it is for metrics, they say)

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