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Hi everybody, what do you think about holiday? Do you prefer winter holiday or the summer one? And what about different kind of holiday as one week of meditation, or something like that, have you never had a holiday different from others?


  • I think a busman always drives buses with other people who are on holiday, but the busdriver has to work at this time.
  • I prefer always holiday to daily routine. Therefore I take every chance to go for a short or long holiday between some days or two weeks. So I have allways holidays different from others.
  • the only special use of "holiday", that is an idiom I know is:

    to have a busman's holiday
  • "Businessman's holiday" is a common term used to described a vacation during which you are still working or doing things related to your work.
  • Wow, once again I've learned something. I hadn't known that idiom yet. 'a busmen's holiday'.

    Could also be 'a policemen's holiday', 'a nurses holiday', 'a fireman's holiday', a room maiden's holiday' - all those valiant people who keep things going while we're enjoying our spare time. It's high time we acknowlegded their work a little bit.
  • I prefer summer holidays for one reason:go back to my home country and enjoying the sun and the beach with my family.
  • Thank you, Gwendo, for putting things right. Yes indeed, having a busman's holiday is spending one's holiday in practising one's usual occupation. That idiom has for sure been made up by alluding to the bus driver who drives its coach on holidays. Nothing to do with the root of 'busy'.

    It's a good thing for everyone, and first of all for me, the screwball, that there are clever, thoughtful and caring GGmates like Gwendo to prevent people from talking nonsense.
  • I for one know what it means because I am busy all my holydays long, say, I am a "busy man" even on holiday.
  • What does it mean :"to have a busman's holiday?

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