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Hi everybody, what do you think about holiday? Do you prefer winter holiday or the summer one? And what about different kind of holiday as one week of meditation, or something like that, have you never had a holiday different from others?


  • And to top it, Captain, our parents liked it! They were happy and didn't plain.
  • I didn't do it but I'm always planning to go to Greece to the Athos mountain for meditation, but they don't accept women.
    Or to Plum Village in the South of France to meet Thich Nhat Han and his disciples. Or to India, to meet Osho, Babaji, Sai Baba, Vivekananda, Sri Aurobindo, Mother Theresa...but meanwhile they all have gone and I'm so afraid of the holy cows there.
  • Holy Day? I prefer to go on a holiday when nobody else does it, so you have the shore, the streets, the swimmingpools for you own...The darkness, the strange noises of unknown places...
  • hi! I'm sorry I did'nt introduce my self !
    I have 2 children 13 and 8 years old and "4" because I used to see stars at 4 in the early evening !
  • hi ! I love holidays for travel and discover other countries but I also appreciate to spend time with my children .
  • Hello, As for me, I'll go to Russia next spring : Moscow, St Petersbourg... I hope it will be great ! Have you ever been there ?
  • Hi, Venus, and then, have you 4 children, which would explain "4" ?
  • I don't want to be named "dream breaker", but, in the years 1930 just a few people would have even said the word "holidays". Most of us had not enough money to stop working and travel for pleasure. Working was normal life, 12 hours or more a day, 6 days a week. If you had a good job, you were just happy doing it from dawn till sunset. Capitaine Nego
  • hi!
    I love holidays at the moontain in summer... I like to go for drives all the days!!

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