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Hi everybody, what do you think about holiday? Do you prefer winter holiday or the summer one? And what about different kind of holiday as one week of meditation, or something like that, have you never had a holiday different from others?

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  • Hello,

    In 2 hours, i will be in vacation... ;) I'm waiting it...
    I will come back to my familly's house in "Normandie" the land of cow ;) if i succeed to take a train.
    I believe in "magie de Noël" :)

    What is the translation of "magie de Noël" ? I think this translation isn't good " Christmas magic"
  • My grand-son is 5 months old. We take care of him while his parents are at work. That's a holyday for me. ;-)
  • it's holiday for me when -even at work- I have time to do correctly everything ....that means to keep after people (I work in a hospital)
    Indeed I like to travel too or many things else .....with time to take my time !

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