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federal system of government

Hi, there is sombody who could tell me, the main differences between the French federalism and the Swiss one? And what do you think about this kind of political system? I'm reading a book about future of Europe, and the author underlines that the only possibility for Europe is a federal system, what do yo think about?


  • You propose a very acute topic about Europe and Regions and just one person gives an answer ! I live in the western region of France and I feel 1° european 2° from the west...I I think we should have a supra national european gouvernment and a confederation of large regions, just like India.
    The European-wide Westerner
  • Could you, please, give more explanations on what you mean when you write "french federalism" ? Germany, seen from France, is a federal state (Länder). In france we have a national state and 23 regions since the years 1970. What about Switzerland, I think it is a little like Germany, isn't it?

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