English Vocabulary

Guard your heart!

"Guard your heart": How would you explain this last of Joyce' recommendations?
Does it mean the same as "beware your heart"?


  • The first word "guard" already speaks about protection. So what I would say conserning this expression is following:
    Our life is ful of dificulties and things which let us down. And of course it is very easy to fall down into depression, bad feelings, bad thinking about yourself and others...
    But the Bible advises us to ptotect our feelings (our heart) from the influence of negative emotions and words... "Guard your heart" simly means not to allow bad things do enter deeply into your feelings and to take a distanse from all things that could harm you.
  • Nice interpretation. I like it very much! Thanks S and O Clerc. Are you related to each other?
  • Yes, same question and also, do you play on words with SClerc which means in french "est-ce clair ?", is it clear ?

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