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A riddle is a puzzling or misleading question posed as a problem to be solved or guessed.
It's also the British translation of the French "charade".
You give a clue for each of the several syllabes of a word to be found out.
Mind you! The clue refers to the sounding of the syllabe, not its writing.

I invite anyone to invent here riddles (charades), a nice way to kill time.
Here are you with my first riddle:

my first is a letter from the alphabet
my second puts to death
my third copulates
my fourth is an order given to a dog
my whole is a weak spot

I thank in advance anyone who will be so kind to give the word.

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  • A monogram, connector standing for 'et' in French and for 'and' in English?

    Answering with showing it: &
    Answering with its name: ampersand

    The same goes for it showing up in French: &
    Its name translated into French: esperluette

    The English ampersand is much more commonly used than l'esperluette in French .
  • taduisez en français
  • From Gaye Babacar:
    taduisez en français


    NO is my answer, you silly little girl!
    Are you as stubborn as a mule?
    You had better follow Willy's instructions or Zina's advice (topic 'French translation of lessons' in the present column, posted today 00:08 CET).

    Try to think in English, first with short simple statements that you repeat aloud.
    I suggest you this one to start:

    The show of the clowns Baba & Bobo is on tonight.

    Some clues for help:
    show > like in French and several other languages
    clown > like in French and ...
    & has the same meaning than in French but think "and" (not 'et')
    is on > the show will take place
    tonight > at the end of the day

    Now say the sentence several times in a row THINKING IN ENGLISH.
    The same goes for little by little more difficult sentences.

    First step : understand as much as possible.
    Second step: listen several times in a row (if recorded) or read again.
    Third step : say it again and again thinking in English.

    To get used to translation is a further step only useful for translaters or interpreters.
    That's my humble opinion, Gaye Babacar, for I'm not at all a specialist!
    But it's my way to go on with my learning.
  • From The Guardian Angel
    To Gaye Babacar

    Hi Babe.
    Gee is quite right.
    Never translate as long as you are not a long time immigrant in the English resort.
    Traductore tradittore.
    Translating into your own language - be it French - would prevent you from getting used to the mood of English, to the shades of meanings and feelings.
    Just enter the world of English like Alice entered the wonderland.
    Get filled with wonder. It's a marveloous path.
    I wish you an appealing way.
  • Your daily GymGlish workout is a job well done. (I hope so.)
    What a jab well done?
  • What is a jab well done?
    A jab well done is an acupuncture session achieved by a genuine Chinese acupuncturist.
    Do you need one? Tell, me.

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