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The spirit of Margaret T.

this morning I was listening to my Radio (and it is not radio Rhubarb, indeed) : "there will be drastic cuts in 2011 british budget and as british economy has always a leader in Europe, you will know what will happen soon in France".
So, I wanted to see what the net says about it (google in english "osborne / cuts / budget...") and I did not find any article written in October.
Can you tell me why ?


  • I guess why, Ugold. You didn't write the right keywords in your search engines boxes.
    I suggest you refer to the British press. For instance the Guardian recently published a lot of articles about the Cameron's policy. See also the American Newsweek.

    For the sake of the language: British (budget), English, nouns as adjectives, like to be favoured with a capital letter.

    Wish you many golden days in France.
  • Good Afternoon M. Ugoid,
    I want you to stop your topic at once, for I presume that you are going to criticize Mrs Margaret Thatcher’s politics. She has been a great Prime Minister and also a marvellous Commander in the Falklands Conflict. It is a pity we have not had in France a President or a Prime Minister of such a temper since General de Gaulle.

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