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oral exercices

I would like more oral exercices


  • I would like more oral exercices
  • From Michele B34:
    I would like more oral exercices

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    ‘blue’ jobs? Jesus... I can’t believe that! I am sure other colors fit you better.

    After that, it won’t be easy, you’ll thing I‘m a dirty old man, but I hope you still have a little sense of humor left. Please don‘t hate me, I sincerely beg you pardon.

    But I couldn’t help but laugh at your unexpected proposition. I apologize again.

    It’s not you, it’s me. And it may be not only me, I guess.
    Trust me, it doesn’t make it! It stuks. (ça le fait pas, ça craint)

    So, would you mind to change your sentence and turn it into an other way.

    Speaking, talking, conversations, or something.

    - I let you look up ‘blow-job’ from the Internet instead of your school books, preferably late at night when kids are asleep -

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