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Hi Everybody,

In the Gymglish lesson about the science of sleep, I didn't catch the expression: "not to mention". Can somebody help me to translate this idiom in French?


  • My understanding in french is "ne pas mentionner" or, ne pas dire". I am not sure. Can somebody help us, please?
  • Arthur is as well-off as to buy a return ticket to Las Vegas, not to mention her wife who is much more wealthy than his husband.
    Lola is fond of cuddly toys, not to mention her teddy bear.
    William is a prominent teacher, not to mention his devotion to his pupils.
    The mud on our way was awful, not to mention our mates who were unbearable.
    Not to mention > sans parler de
  • correction: not to mention Arthur's wife who is much more WEALTHIER than HER husband.
    Sorry, sorry !!!
  • ... much MORE wealthiER (than) ...???
    Isn't it twice the comparative form ? I had rather the first choice : much more wealthy (than her husband)!
  • "much more wealthy" seems to be too complicated for us average human beings

    ..let's agree on "way more affluent, either in terms of financial assets or real estate, respectively both"...
  • Thank you for correcting. Grammatically speaking, it seems to be much healthier. ?? What I am sure of is that the comparative is "healthier" (checked).
  • Thank you guys for the translation in French, especially
    to Joe the screwball for his help.

    See you!


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