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il was in my last vocabulary, I understand what it means
but how could we translate this word in french, un bûcheur, le 1er de la classe, un fana ou accro de...
who knows ?


  • Yes, yes, of course. We still don't have enough verbal diarrhoe all around the Internet. I love ironic

    No, you shouldn't be flabbergasted! You should follow suit ;-)
  • Yes, of course. Every pro agrees on it that 'XX stuff' is not the best stuff, from the technological point of view. Everybody who ever had to fight with a specific "XX class library" knows what I mean. And that's not the only thing to criticize.

    But the fact is that this 'XX' stuff has caught on in the consumer market much more than anything comparable. This is not necessarily a good thing, and there has always been justified altercations about it. But at that time, that is in the 80's, it was the only available computer system the Average Joe could afford AND handle, maybe except 'Pear'. And that's one of the reasons why that 'XX stuff' has become such successful and widespread. Another reason was a marketing deal with a renowned hardware manufacturer, stipulating that every computer in the retail trade has to be equipped with 'XX'. It has been always nearly impossible to buy a PC without that 'XX stuff'.

    And as legend has it, it was BG 's vision and agenda that every household should be able to be equipped itself with a PC. Yet in the seventies, the only persons who had access to computers were IT professionals, and computers had the size of humongous cupboards, not to mention their prize, making it possible to accommodate it on father's desk - and 'XX' was one the 'pioneers' who have changed that. 'XX' had long been the only operating system for the Average Joe, hence it could simply afford to be flawed. It didn't carry any weight how many Average Joe perished on account of a heart attack while struggling to get their crashed desktop up and running.

    What's worth mentioning is that many systems today, in particular embedded systems, are already endowed with Linux derivatives, hence the market penetration of 'XX' is not as absolute anymore as assumed. A reason to rejoice?

    What is a nerd then? Inside the IT world, a computer pioneer or engineer is of course not always regarded as 'nerd'. Some of them were what the Average Joe would regard 'nerdy', and some were not. Some of the nerds were pros, some were amateurs, who became unbelievable affluent. But the typical computer geek is what gave 'nerd' it's meaning. And that's what the average person thinks of when hearing the term 'nerd'.
  • Bill Gates once said:
    "Don't talk bad about nerds - you might end up working for one."
  • Whatever term you use in your mother tongue as equivalent for “nerd”, it will never fit hundred percent. There will be always be a difference between the meaning of your translation and original meaning. Perhaps, when thinking of a nerd, one should imagine young Bill Gates as a student with big glasses, flouting the possibilities of his formal education and rather sitting in his room, contriving a simple disk operating system for Intel processors.

    Let's not always talk pejoratively about the nerds. It has always been them who have laid the bedrock for the digital environment we all benefit profit from. Without these guys, who contrived the cheap operating systems for personal computers, we would not be able to learn English via the Internet and discuss in this forum - not in any forum at all. Hence, let's refrain from badmouthing this poor folks (some of whom at not poor anymore at all), who, in the 70's and 80's, would sit in their rooms with rumpled shirts, large spectacles, gorging on pizzas and bad coffee, cut off from any female human being and contriving software systems. I don't want to dwell on the details (by the way, I can't in many cases).

    It's high time they were honored a little bit...after all they've helped forge the back then future which is now our digital present. This is my modest plea. Let's give the nerds a chance. They deserve it. They should not become an endangered species, they are worth being preserved.
  • The best French and German word for "nerd" is "nerd" or "nerd" - or,if you're slightly more daring, "nerd."
  • GEEK vs NERD : from a forum on the net :"Geek and Nerd are almost synonymous - a nerd is usually a very studious person and a geek is usually someone who is very uncool / interested in extremely uncool things - however there's a blurry line between the two, I wouldn't worry about the difference. Also, neither is more familiar than the other". Who would you classify as geek or nerd ?
  • In the seventies, I have been working for General Electric, on an international network. We used Texas Instrument computers connected to Honeywell 6000 series and IBM OS mainframes. Then came the first PC with MS/DOS : very bad stuff, it was, all together hard and soft. I don't know if Hewlett, Packard or Ken Olson, Cutler... were called nerds : perhaps there are just pros and amateurs, and sometimes amateurs become professional business leaders.
  • Whacky, your note deserves being released on Wiki.
    I was flabbergasted!
  • To my mind, that depends on the context. A nerd can be a crazy guy, for instance a computer geek, a math geek like Icarus (un fan, un fana, un mordu..) but in different situations, a pathetic person (un pauvre type, un con, un débile...). As a screwball, I can be called a nerd by some people I come across.

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