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il was in my last vocabulary, I understand what it means
but how could we translate this word in french, un bûcheur, le 1er de la classe, un fana ou accro de...
who knows ?

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  • From NerdOne:
    i don't think so, i am so null( ZERO) in his favourite matters.
    Bill Gates once said:
    "Don't talk bad about nerds - you might end up working for one."

  • whouahhh, but i love Bill Gates... though i much prefer Steve JOB.

    From Whacky:
    Whatever term you use in your mother tongue as equivalent for “nerd”, it will never fit hundred percent. There will be always be a difference between the meaning of your translation and original meaning. Perhaps, when thinking of a nerd, one should imagine young Bill Gates as a student with big glasses, flouting the possibilities of his formal education and rather sitting in his room, contriving a simple disk operating system for Intel processors.

    Let's not always talk pejoratively about the nerds. It has always been them who have laid the bedrock for the digital environment we all benefit profit from. Without these guys, who contrived the cheap operating systems for personal computers, we would not be able to learn English via the Internet and discuss in this forum - not in any forum at all. Hence, let's refrain from badmouthing this poor folks (some of whom at not poor anymore at all), who, in the 70's and 80's, would sit in their rooms with rumpled shirts, large spectacles, gorging on pizzas and bad coffee, cut off from any female human being and contriving software systems. I don't want to dwell on the details (by the way, I can't in many cases).

    It's high time they were honored a little bit...after all they've helped forge the back then future which is now our digital present. This is my modest plea. Let's give the nerds a chance. They deserve it. They should not become an endangered species, they are worth being preserved.

  • you take the easyw ay out, don't you ?

    From Whacky:
    The best French and German word for "nerd" is "nerd" or "nerd" - or,if you're slightly more daring, "nerd."

  • so, nerd and geeek ? "m^me combat" ?

    From Joe the screwball:
    To my mind, that depends on the context. A nerd can be a crazy guy, for instance a computer geek, a math geek like Icarus (un fan, un fana, un mordu..) but in different situations, a pathetic person (un pauvre type, un con, un débile...). As a screwball, I can be called a nerd by some people I come across.

  • Some recent news about Geeks : 'Score one for Charles Darwin. The newly crowned Miss USA, Alyssa Campanella, 21, of Los Angeles, who calls herself "a huge science geek," says evolution should be taught in public schools.'
  • it seems there is a loop in the process

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