English Vocabulary


How has the number 2.3E+12 be pronounced: two point three times twelve to the power of 10? Is there also a short form?


  • I keep it short: 2.3E+12 is: 'two point three to the twelfth'

    2.3E-12 would be: two point three to the MINUS twelfth

    I attended some lectures about physics and maths
    at the Berkeley University of California, and the professors always pronounced it like that.
    It's the short form of "x to the yth power"
  • Hi !
    and how do you pronounce (-2x + 1) ?

    thanks !
  • Very funny. Is this a serious question? No, I don't think so. But a nice try, I have to leave it to you. In that case, it wouldn't make sense to deal with math in the first place. Why bother with the pronunciation of a half-baked equation that cannot even be solved?

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