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hello people

I live in Germany and am interested in communication with people all over the world, especially in classical music. Do you like it ?


  • Hi Sandy,
    you were right with the mars rhythm.I never have seen the score and I only catched the rhythm by hearing.
    May be it played two tubas, because Holst prefered an big romantic orchestra.
    I think, it´s great to give the listeners an idea of the music by explaining some excerpts and then play along.
    You asked about my favorite pieces. Ok, my interests in classical music are varied and so it`s difficult to give you a correct answer.. But my favorite composers - beyond Bach and Mozart - are Brahms, Mahler, R. Strauss and Puccini.
    In radio I just took a look on Puccini´s Boheme (1st picture): "Che gelida manina". The (young!) Pavarotti was singing, magnificent!!
    But what´s your interest, also beyond music?
    I look forward to get an answer from you.
  • Hi, Sandy
    I really don´t be an eccellant tuba player, but I have got some competition in playing this funny instrument.I belove you are thinking about Mars from the planets. The rhythm is wonderfull, but it changes between 111 2 3 44 5 and 111 2 33 4 5, isn´t it? Normally in a symphonie orchstra you find o n e tuba.
    Where did you hear the concert?
    My ragards to you,
  • Hi Forestine, what´s about Schubert? Do you know "Schwanengesang"? There is an new recording with Christof Pregadien. He sometimes remembers to Fritz Wunderlich, the most lyrical tenor of 20th century. Have much fun hearing him!
  • I live in Germany and am interested in communication with people all over the world, especially in classical music. Do you like it ?
  • Hi, I like classic music too and I just heard Scubert's lieder before my GG lesson !!
  • Holla tuba!
    Where the hell did you find out I was studying engineering? You are out of tune on that song. Maybe you are mistaking me for someone else. I also have to disappoint you; I am not the youngster you can imagine; I have been growing up since a while now.
    My chorus (more modest word than a choir) is named Essenelle, a name coming from my present home place Esneux (about 15 km away from Liège). Check it at Mind the photograph, it's outdated.
    My native language is French even though being born in Watford - about 20 miles South of London - from an English mother. With a Belgian father I spent my early years near Paris.
    Now it's fair's fair. I am telling you much but I want something in return from a Frankfurter tuba. Tell me more about your musical issues.
    And keep playing a tune on your tuba.
  • Among others, beyond music, I try to improve my English, notably by chatting with you, tuba.
    I also sing in a chorus. I am alto.
    Tell me, where exactly do you live in Germany?

    And you, forestine, what are doing around?


    (By the way, one looks forward to doING.)
  • Good day again, tuba!

    I attended that concert on September 26, 2009 in Liège (Belgium). Of course I attended some other good concerts since then but The Planets will leave me a good memory for several reasons.

    1. That work is impressive by the importance of the players. The Orchestre Philharmonique de Liège was reinforced by many musicians of the Opera of the city.
    I think there were 2 tubas. Aren't they 2 different tessituras for tubas?

    2. The conductor of the concert, F-X Roth, was also teaching the audience. Before most of the movements, if not everyone, he handed out some explanation about specifics of the movement and the orchestra played a short excerpt to shed light on that specifics before starting the movement. That allowed me to notice the 5-beat rythm of the first movement, Mars. I can't remember if, as you say, that 5-beat rythm shifts by splitsing the third beat instead of the fourth.

    3. During the concert large moving photographs of the planet at stake were projected on huge screen over the room. And between each movement some indications were given by a astrophysicist of the University in a pleasant way, kind of "le petit prince" by St-Exupéry.

    If you can catch some French, you could read more at

    Could you tell me which are some of your favourite classical pieces?
    Hoping to read you soon,
  • Hey, tuba!
    Do you play tuba?

    The concert that stroke me the most lately was "The Planets" by Holst. I specially liked the movement in 5 beats (111 2 3 44 5). It needs a reinforced orchestra. How many tubas were playing? I didn't notice because I hadn't heard of you yet at that time.

    Musically yours,

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