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Please help me!

My name is Huynh. I am working at a foreign company . But, recently time, I always feel unsafe...Because I have some problem with my team leader.The main reason is my E speaking so bad.I can hear and understand clearly what is he talking , but I can't explain to him my thinking in work. He really trouble to me. Help me brush up my E!


  • Hello, I would like to have a few informations :
    - is your Team Leader's mother tongue english ?
    - how long can you speak to him on the phone ? (30 seconds / 5 minutes / more...
    - is it a technical / commercial / management job ?
    - can you exchange emails with him ?
    - have you already met him (face to face) ?
    Don't worry too much, you will certainly be able to give explanations.
    Best regards.

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