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Paul the Octopus 100% correct

Paul who was born in Weymouth, Dorset, is now dead, alas. What do you think of his performance in predicting the winners in last world football championship ? Regards from Saïmiri the Squirrelmonkey


  • I'm wondering what his hit ratio would would have been, had he had to predict much more game results, say 50 or 100.

    Be it as it may: I believe an ability to predict future game results without any background knowledge is impossible, both for a human being and an animal. At most, football experts may be able to make educated guesses. In in some cases it was quite predictable which team would win. In a match Germany versus Australia is not difficult to predict who would win, without being haughty. But football experts don't have tentacles.

    The question is: Which part played football experts in Paul's decision? Have there been any hidden tricks which influenced the decision of the squid? Personally, I doesn't matter to me. I didn't see any forecast of this invertebrate celebrity.

    The real interesting questions are: Did he foresee his own passing away? I'm not sure. Was he a Beatles fan, in particular a fan of Ringo's singing voice? Maybe.

    Rest in peace, Pauli
  • May Paul rest in peace.

    They could have had him interred in consecrated soil, but they didn't.
    They served him with vegetables and steamed potatoes.
  • What I am interested in is his european destiny : born in the British Isles, living in Germany, nearly eaten in Spain. Nobody says what language(s) he could understand. Statisticians are certainly able to calculate what would be the chances of predicting 8 times the winner, if nothing else but hazard was acting !
  • I must think of the Beatles: And the walrus was paul

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