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Hi everybody,

I read sometimes on newspaper or see at TV the expression like:
"OM Vs Manchester". What exactly means Vs???

Thank for your help.


  • vertigo, vortex as a derivation, Asterix Versus Caesar, past participle of Latin 'vertere' and son on an so forth. We need a lot of knowlegde just to savvy that "OM vs. Manchester" means OM against Manchester...

    Two interlectual magazines "Commentary" and "Dissent" had merged and formed "Dysentary" ;-)
  • Hiya Hakuna,

    I suggest we turn our mind to Latin so that the preposition 'versus' unveiled its secret.

    The Latin verb 'vertere'(verto, I turn) meant to turn or 'to face'. If our spine tells many vertebras it is due to its ability to move in turning.

    Versus is a form of that verb; is it pp or supine? I dunno. Grammar is not my area of expertise.

    versus in English, as in some other languages, namely French, means "against" or 'compared to'.

    Ex.: There was a verbal fight today: Susie vs Philip. Guess who was the winner?

    Most common abbreviation: vs

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