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Binary Day

Did you notice it ? Today is a binary date, and tomorrow also. A good opportunity to find palindromes ;-) cheers


  • 1 . And you will excuse me; I cannot write long because to day I stay on Mr Quincy's smartphone...cheers
  • Come on ;-) Screwball, you are very clever, far more clever than computers or even monkeys. Let us suppose we have only two figures 0 and 1; then you count, 0, 1, 10, 11, 100, 101, 110, 111.....1110 (in dd/mm/yy format, January 1st, 2010),.....101110 (today)... What will happen after 11 11 11 for us eSpirits, perhaps we'll survive free of time untill 01 01 (21)00 ?
  • Did you notice it ? Today is a binary date, and tomorrow also. A good opportunity to find palindromes ;-) cheers
  • Thank you for that leak, dear Spirit.

    Now I bet you are a very positive integer for neither a negative or a zero could be as clever and spiritual as you are.
  • Hi, eSpirit, have you heard the latest bit of gossip about your protégé? As he is said archi-bald but showing up with fair hair on the Delavigne's blog, people say he wears a wig. Is it False or True? (0 or 1 as you please).
  • That's now actually groovy, dear Spirit: 111110 !!

    As I was narrow-minded I just narrowed my sight down to the days, forgetting that there is not a single day on earth that wouldn't be encompassed in a month, not a single month that wouldn't be encompassed in a year.

    As I was also small-minded I forgot you were not an everyday spirit but an E-SPIRIT (or eSpirit as you said being) ! So I forgot you were dealing only with 1 and 0, and bytes of 8 bits, each of them being the drastic blending of B(inary-dig)IT. Now then, dear Spirit, you should grant me that you were playing a trick on your readers by giving a date format made of 6 digits, and not a usual date format looking like a byte of 8 bits (mmddyyyy).

    Eventually you put a philosophical question about what will happen after 11112011. What could I say?
    That 11112011 shouldn't make sense to a computer scientist. And should e-spirits get rid of their binary system (with the 2), it would possibly be the final black hole of the universe. For any being is based or the possibility that it could not be. Beings need to imagine the nothingness to be sure they are. And nothingness, as being nothing in itself, cannot imagine anything but is the FALSE counterpart or the TRUE in logic.(Thank you Jean-Paul)

    By the way, dear eSpirit, how is Icarus? I haven't heard of him for ages. Did he eventually buy scissors?
  • That's groovy, dear Spirit!
    Thanks to you, even a screwball of my kind, is able to realize he is living a binary day!
    But in fact, it's a bit beyond me. Couldn't you enlighten me on that point?
    We are the 10th, a date made of 2 figures. So called 'binary' as it is characterized by or consisting of two parts or components.
    Tomorrow the 11th, a date made of 2 figures -> binary
    The day after tomorrow: 12 , 2 figures -> binary!
    And so on on until the end of November.
    But I guess that as spiritual "figures-geek" you have more in mind. Thank you for unveiling us your secret thoughts.

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