The Delavigne Corporation

Cheaters OUT!

In all companies, there are cheaters, but there is only one Philip Cheeter and he is Director of Sales at Delavigne Corporation. He is a very bad example of what millenium companies should attend : just say 150 when your client says 100 (like Warbuckle in a recent lesson) does not mean Cheeter is a good vendor. He'd have been sent before court and fired because of sexual harassment. His behaviour makes his colleagues lose their time at work. Bruno should have him supervised by a very solid and straight person he would perhaps call “Development Director”, covering at once current business and also all kinds of “new” business .


  • Such a scurrilous attack against my favourite character of the Delavigne? I cannot stand it at all.

    A director of sales who would be concerned only by bottom lines and turnovers, that's not the best man to prompt people to work in good spirit. Conviviality in a company is a good point. Philip is a first-class leader of a team of funky sellers whose work combines top-results and humour.
    I confess that Philip succeeds more with females than with males. That's probably why the author of the wicked lines above is jealous.

    More to the point a character like Philip's is as roughly pronounced as are his partners. I find it makes the GymGlish course funny as none.

    Now reaching the botton line of the wicked script, I can read it has been written by someone who is in rehab. Let's hope he will recover one day.
  • I must say I agree with this Mr Rehab, even if he has got bad habits. In my time, we would have acted frankly. If a buyer says "100", we would have said "ok Sir, a hundred, thank you very much" an not "let us say 150". Besides, chasing women is certainly a good sport :-) (it keeps me in good shape), but not aboard as we said in the navy during W.W.II, if you see what I mean. Best regards to all readers from Capitaine Nego.
  • You both are bloody slanderers, the Rehab and le Capitaine!
    If Philip the Cheeter is at the head of the sales department, it's because he is highly esteemed for being the Delavigne's number one salesman, having exceeded his total sales every year since he arrived at the company. Just connect to the company's HR reports to read it.
    Being a bit of a womanizer doesn't hinder the good results he manages to reach. It's quite the reverse.
    More to the point I want to confess he is one of my virtual lovers. Probably the same with most of my fellow-female mates. Hearing his appealing voice makes me get wet. That's the way I am.
    What a thrilling comedy that Delavigne story! None else English courses can challenge it.
  • People who cannot appreciate the funny comedy of the Delavigne as it is played by the cartoonists of GymGlish should right up undergo a rehab cure so as to be able to burst out laughing.

    But there are probably no people of that kind. Dry sense of humour and antithetic irony are typically British!
  • Thank you Cassi. I did not want to express my opinion, you did it for me. I am sure that women like Polly, Suzan, Luna, Donna...who say "no" when the lesson is recorded would say "why not" off the record...I love you, Philip
  • that's funny ! this topic started just before I had the lesson "Hiring private Brian" when Bruno is asking Philip to coach Brian. As a veteran on GG, Joe certainly knows the end of the story.
  • If the story had an end, You Golden Mate, the talking would be over. When there's no more to be said, we might as well be dead. Fortunately, U Gold, you are there to poke the chat. Thank U.
  • Hi, everybody. I must confess that I am scared of what can happen to Philip. As I am a beginner, could one of you boys tell me the truth ?
  • Philip was possibly brought up in an oriential bazar. He knows how to haggle: "Oh my God, only 100? Do you want to insult me, me, with 10 starving children and a one-legged mother-in-law?".

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