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Departure at 18.00How do you pronounce 18.00 ? Eighteen hundred or eighteen o o or eithteen zero zero ?


  • Good question; I have been to Jersey not long ago; are there special ways of saying the time in transports so that people do not make any confusion ? Is it the same all over tne world and are there diffĂ©rences between UK and US ?
  • How do they read "departure at 18:00"
    colloquial : "departure at six PM"
    more formal: "departure at eighteen hour"

    In everyday speech the 0 is said "O:"
    For instance: 18:03 "the time on this clock is one eight O three"

    But in radio communications the phraseology commands that any 0 is said "zero" (to prevent any misunderstanding) ex: take-off at 18:03 "take-off at one eight zero three" or most probably the control tower will tell the taking-off plane "take-off at zero three" because the hour goes without saying.

    [Any further clarification welcome]
  • ...'The hours go without saying' and the weeks and... nearly 1 month since the last update ! why ? Please to Those who have power, a Shakespearian quote about TIME before 11/17/2010 - 05:54 PM
  • ygbynim,
  • ygbynim,
  • you can say that 18.00: eighteen o'clock or six pm.if you say like that, you would be right. count on me!!!!!!!goog luck!
  • the new idiom: like a dog with two tails= very happy
  • the new idiom: like a dog with two tails= very happy
  • try invain= make a lots effort but not successful

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