The Delavigne Corporation

Philip the extravert vs. Brian the introvert

From Wikipedia (...and Carl Jung) :
"Extraverts tend to be gregarious, assertive, and interested in seeking out excitement". It could be Philip !
"Introverts, in contrast, tend to be more reserved, less outgoing, and less sociable. They are not necessarily loners but they tend to have fewer friends". Perhaps Brian ?
As you know (other topic) my GG lessons of the week are entitled "Hiring Private Brian" and it seems that Bruno tries to make Philip and Brian compete.
My questions are :
- Do you think an introvert can be a good salesman ?
- Is Bruno a good Manager behaving this way ?
- Won't they keep their eyes on each other, neutralize and neglect the customers ?


  • Good questions!
    Here are my answers.

    1st qu. I don't think so. Extroverts are more likely to be good salesmen.
    2d qu. I dunno. Anyhow I hate superiors having their staff or workforce to compete with each others.
    3rd qu. As customers are the basis of their results, they should not be neglected.

    So, Golden You, you seem to be a shrewd Jungian psychologist by featurig Bruno, Brian and Philip as archetypes. You must be right. It's because they are pure models of archetypes that the characters of the Delavigne comedy are so strongly marked.

    Enjoy your life.
  • Message from Dr Donna Donovan
    Hello to all Readers of the GG Forum, and especially to you Ugold.
    I don’t want to intervene in private affairs but your questions alerted me : you remember ? I said I wanted to know all about you all and your dreams and your fears and your goals.
    Let me first respond to your questions :
    1st Question : I must warn you, Ugold, you should be very careful with the concepts behind intro or extraversion, because, even if they they can be considered as pioneers, these psychiatrists come from the european 19th century!
    2nd Question : well, it is quite difficult for me to answer; I can just say I am very sorry that Bruno did not come to see me at my office near the coffee machine before that episode .
    3rd Question : As I often say, a personal space is sacred, and no one should harm him there. But there is another issue : should Delavigne’s customers and staff members be considered as belonging to Philip Cheeter’s territory ?
    I am ready to help, keep the ball rolling !
  • This is Whacky again, the quibbler and terror of the forum. When question are floated concerning the Delavigne characters, there is never a dearth of replies and comments.

    Since Brian and Philip are mentioned, I don't consider them exactly as archetypes, and at the least as Jung's archetypes. They're rather stereotypes. Stereotypes are very easy to recognize, it's quite easy for the learner to discern who is who and how to assess each character in the Delavigne story. Multi-dimensional characters on the other hand would be disturbing in a story that should attract and rivet English learners. It's a simplification for making learning easier and entertaining. And every cliché characters focuses one or more archetypes on itself in order to function in the story.

    I don't think Brian and Philip can really compete against each other. Brian is, as far as I learned, apart from being personal assistant to Bruno, also in charge for customer care, that is different from sales. Customer care is responsible for maintaining good relationships to customers, while sales is a different sphere of task. Yet in real business life the tasks of sales and customer care intertwine and overlap sometimes.

    A salesman is better off if he little more 'aggressive' and bustling, His main job is to 'fob his company's good sand services off ' on customers (and possibly for canvassing), hence he has to know a great deal about the products. A customer care assistant on the other hand has to take care of the customer relationships, and has to be much more empathetic and attentive than the salesman.

    And I don't think that Brian is introverted. In comparison to Philip he just seems to be, because Philip is a paradigm for an extraordinary extroverted person (which an undeniable tendency to superficiality by the way, but that's also an ingredient for the stereotype).
  • OK, there should be at least 4 dimensions to explore ;-) (extrovert given by Joe and intravert I suppose!). Will Brian find his way through a customer care function? There is a response from a Delavigne's character (Donna) but none from the GG members (unless if Joe, Whacky, Donna or Ugoid are GG members nicknames) Helen, no Sam, no Willy ? I am going to travel for a while but I'll be looking at the topics through my smartphone. C U Ugoid
  • Have a pleasant journey and pleasant encounters, Ugold.
  • Well, you suggest we need to have archetypes or stereotypes in order to product a very good story fully attractive to English learners. Indeed, I consider the Delavigne Corporation as a marvellous invention (perhaps just like Tintin by Hergé). But who is the creator ? a team ? GG company founders ? Why does the portrait gallery remain unachieved ?
  • So much questions, and no answers? I would be delighted
    to hear some answers from you, you golden piece.
    Don't be despondent, UGold - I trust you are up to this task if you really want it...

    You are entitled to your account of the story... ;-)
  • Yes, but I am very scared of transgressing a prohibition and then be punished by the Gods of the GG System! Have you ever tried to change you nickname : you get menacing messages if you type 'Bruno' : "this nickname has already been chosen" or 'Horatio Olere' : "this nickname has already been chosen or reserved" (which proves there are at least 2 Gods behind !). I have seen Donna Donovan's intervention as a sign of fate. She warned me! Who will protect my computer and phone against their potential revenge ?

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