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Your oddest thought of the day. Jot it down here. Your thought, full stop. No co

My wife is a man-eater. It must be why she didn't eat herself so far.


  • My oddest thought:
    'Don't be afraid, Joe. She wouldn't chop you up alive. Female man-eaters mostly poison.'
  • I do not envy anyone, be they hotties, talented girls, princesses or queens. I do my best to make them envy me. (that was my first thought of the day when waking up.)
  • I have to consult my cardiolog to night because of high blood pressure. Perhaps he will tell : "have it measured before you have your english lesson and again after you have read the topics of the forum and tell me the difference".
  • 'The bear is hit. I ought to follow him into the mountains and finish him off.'
  • I had a bad luck with my youth ! I couldn't miss growing up.
  • I worked myself up from nothing to extreme stupidity.
  • Never follow any piece of advice. Keep being yourself a freethinker.
  • I said to myself yesterday : Scynthia, to morrow you have to think to something odd, but I don't know if what I think to since I woke up is odd or not. Anyway, I have just realized my vow, that's odd.
  • I asked myself why I was so dreadful and Suzy so beautiful. A believer told me why: God has created man before woman. There is always a rough draft before the masterpiece.

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