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Gymglish efficient for deafs too ?

Hi there,
A friend of mine is deaf and I wonder if GymGlish is a good solution for her too.
What happens when ticking 'not able to hear' checkbox in the audio part of everyday gym course?
Thank you and have a good training!


  • Good day, DeafGlish.

    Firstly, do you think we should have a good training? I think that 'training' fits for sport or professional work. With the GymGlish I would wish you a good "practice".

    As for me the audio is quite important. I can't really realize how interesting the GymGlish could be for a deaf person.


    By the way, do you know that sign languages are different according to the various oral languages?
    I think it is a additional difficulty for deaf people wanting to understand different languages.

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