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who can tell me ...

I found this sentence in Beloved by T. Morrison :
"And she could not remember remembering a molly apple or a yellow squash."
But I don't found in any dictionary what can be on earth a molly apple !
Thank you for your help


  • Hello Queyrelle,

    I have no answer for the molly apple, but as I have just finished the book I was reading, I would like to know more about "beloved".

    How do you like it ? I have just read it is about slavery (?) Is it a drama ? Something like "Gone with the Wind"?

    Is the english style easy understanding ?

    CU - Ugoid ("id" like in identification and not "ld" like in gold, there are a few pixel missing, just noticed so that my the tax services don't ask me for more :-) )
  • "It’s Molly Apple Season in Toledo. The Molly Apple, or Malay Apple, is a small red fruit that grows in tropical climates."
    quoted from http://clark-peterek.typepad.com/clarkpeterek/2008/03/molly-apple.html

    That's all I could find about your query, queyrelle.

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