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How do they celebrate Christmas on the East Coast of Canada ?

Is there anybody who is able to give me some details to answer this question ?
If you can write to me a little about this subject it would be helpful because I will soon have to talk about it with my group of oral English.
And thank you for having read my message.


  • Hello musical friend.
    I hope not being late with my details in answer to yourn request.
    I forward you hereafter what a Canadian friend of mine told me about your concern.
    I'll be glad to share with you what I know about Eastern Canadian traditions at Christmas time. Not so much different then here, except that it is Santa Claus instead of Saint Nicolas that young children believe in. For some reason, people become more religious at that time of year, and generally attend the Midnight Christmas mass. Afterward, they gather at some relatives house for "Le Réveillon", a copious meal with turkey and all the trimming as we say. Homemade pies for dessert. That used to be the tradition, but don't know if it's practiced in every families now.
    What is done, then and now, is opening the Christmas gifts, placed under the tree, on Christmas morning and still in your pyjamas. Fruit juices and coffee is served while opening the gifts. Sometimes, someone is hired to play Santa Claus and distribute the gifts, or a jolly and pudgy (grassouyet) will volonteer. Sometimes, the famous eggnog is served.

    Like Americans, Canadians enjoy sending Christmas cards preferably B4 Christmas. Now, of course, some are sent via the net w/photo attached. Another shared similarity is decorating the house inside and OUTSIDE. Some of those decorations are done with taste, and soberly. But as tastes vary, some houses are made to look almost like Las Vegas. Snow helping,
    bright tiny lights reflect on the snow and it looks enchanting.

    Another recent trend (which makes a lot of sense to me) is for people to pick someone's name from a hat and buys gifts only for that person. A limided budget is sometimes decided upon ahead of time. You can obtain a list of prefered gifts to receive and it helps a lot in choosing the proper gift which will be appreciated. Sure prevents the dilemma of unwanted gifts.

    As for food, there's the eggnog I mentioned above, the Christmas fruit cake, cookies are prepared with the children, and ancient recipes surface, such as "ragoût de pattes de cochon"
    and/or "ragôut de boulettes."

    The traditions are copied somewhat from the Anglo-Saxon way of celebrating Christmas.
    It can vary from family to another. It's a family and close friends gathering and each has their own traditions they wish to keep.

    There you are. I hope it helped you some. See you Tuesday, Lucie

    P.S. the hat I wore at our little Xmas party was a wink at the carolers who gather in small groups and sing Christmas carols outside someone's house then move on to the next.

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