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can somebody remind me the pronunciation rules for "i". Whhen does it be pronunced [I] and when does it be [ai]???

thanks very much


  • Hello yomomma47,
    there is not really a rule for that. It might be completely unpronounced too, or it might be pronounced as an [oe]. Whenever I come across a new word, at fIrst I try to catch the pronunciation, not the spelling. That's why, I don't like to use bilingual vocabulary lists. So I use often only-English dictionaries like this www.oxfordadvancedlearnersdictionary.com. But it's easier said than done.
    However, I'm sure you can't get a good speaking with your eyes or your mind, only with your ears. When speaking, there is no time for thinking. Try to listen to English as much as you can. Listen daily to simply understandable phrases i.e. your GG-lessons. Over time you will catch some patterns for that. The IPA might be very usefull then.
    Have a great day,
  • thank you for answering. Actually I'd appreciate to have the IPA translation of each new word I ask in GG lessons.... It'd be very helpfull.
  • Hello,

    Perhaps this link can help you :

    It's also possible to use, for ex., Google translation on line with audio file when you're writing a short text.

    Happy new Year from Rennes (France)
  • Thanks very much, Pascal!
    I can't hide anymore I'm French too... Thought, langages studies are not reckoned to be very efficient in France... I really got used to refer to IPA (we had to learn in high school) and I found it very useful!?
    Happy new year
  • hello! iam from vietnamese.
    i want to learn English! but i learn ...not good
  • Hi guys, I'm from Vietnam. Call me as Jenny.
    I wanna learn abt Idioms and Academic words.
    Who guys did pass an IELTS or TOEFL exam ?.
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