English Vocabulary

dust yourself up and brace up for another journey to find your heart

what do you think ?


  • Hey, Viotorine, did we have too much coffee, or what?
    Moot about that
  • Thanks, Victorine. I hadn't known this story before, about the ill-mannered rhinoceros who pilfered the Parsee's cake. It's an interesting simile and worth to moot about it. Thank you very much indeed.
  • Hmmm - I'd rather propose we dust ourselves OFF. Granted, we can also dust ourselves UP - that's also a possibilty ;-) At least, our loved one can then grab the feather duster and dust us OFF again, provided we have a sweetheart (and a feather duster)

    No, without joking: I still remember the inauguration address of Barack Obama, in which he called upon the
    citizen to brace themselves up for a weary period of hard work in order to sort out the mess: 'Let's pick ourselves UP, dust ourselves OFF and ....'

    OK, this should not amount to a political analysis about the societal and economic situation since the Democrats took office two years ago and what the current public standing of the Democratic administration in the United States is, and what we can anticipate in the next years.
  • Last week I was on a journey. The snow was falling and my feet were very cold and wet. I got the flu in the train. Now I am home with fever and a fast beating heart. This is not really poetical. Sorry ;-)
  • what do you think ?
  • This is my thought, Thorn Bush.

    I am not so much dusty yet. I still feel green and growing.
    My dear heart is still by my side and neither he, nor me thinks to break up. So I think that your suggestion doesn't fit to me.

    What about you, thorny being? Are you longing for love?


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