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hello everybody,I am new


  • That's the curse of being born and living in a big country with an important, relatively wide-spread language.They have the same problem in Germany.
    The Dutch people have an edge ahead of us: They have no other chance than to learn English, given their small country and their 'parochial' (no offence intended) language, because of which the media don't even bother to dub English and American movies. The same is the fact in many Scandinavian countries.

    In France and Germany, we have to spend a great deal of time and money for acquiring English as adults, in order to be fit for the international world - something Dutch or Swedish kids get for free. An unjust world!
  • I want to get acquainted with a beginner to learn English
  • I want to get acquainted with a beginner to learn English
  • hello everybody,I am new
  • I tell you when you are wrong Mrs Moa, but this time I think that you are right : Vic has written that she will have vacations for a fortnight. What is her job then : bureaucrat ? but why learning English then ? In France they don't need to speak foreign languages, they don't even need to write French correctly...nowadays!
  • It is not going better and even Vic. is not writing any more :( why? Holidays ?
  • I am also a beginner; this part of the forum is not likely moving fast : no new topic, no answers to old ones, why?.
  • Hello CBX
    I am new too. Not newborn. I was born some year ago.
    I read here above that I am a newbe.
    I am a biginner.
    Despite what said Joe the screwball I think that we could make the fable lie. Two blinds OR two paralytics can help each other because they know the concerns of their partner.
    So I am ready to be your biginner partner.
    Tell me how we will proceed.
    If anything, tell me.
  • Hello CBX, you are a newbe.
    As a newbe you want to get acquainted with a beginner to learn English.

    I wonder why you have such weird an idea.
    Is it that birds of a feather flock together?*
    Is it that you suffer from full-fledged narcissism?**

    I suggest you make an examination of your conscience*** to find out why actually you are looking for a fellow-newbe. As soon as you have unveiled the reason, rush to this GymGlish Community Forum and tell everyone the foundations of your desire.

    I am sorry not to fit to the required features for the job. I am no longer a newbe, say, I am an oldbe at the GymGlish.
    I trust you will be an oldbe too ... one day, CBX.
    Have faith in the GymGlish.
    Your buddy,****

    Clues for a newbe.
    * Birds of a feather flock together. Proverb saying that people looking like each other use to gather.
    **Any person who can't accept a superior person above them is most likely mentally sick and suffers from full-fledged narcissism. (Whacky imperfectly quoted)
    *** Altered states of consciousness are not required for such examination; just ponder a bit.
    **** Say, I wish I were a buddy of yours.

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