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Can't understand the pronoun!

"Early in the morning Icarus borrowed his mother's car and drove..."
I could have understood "the mother's car" but "his"?
Help! Help!
Great thanks


  • I presume you are really serious about this question.

    'His mother's car' is meant as 'the car of his mother',

    To depict the complete background, NOT in a nutshell: Icarus has a mother ('mother' in this context = a female human biped who gave birth to at least one human cub).

    This female person also owns a car, because some time ago she purchased a motor vehicle with four wheels from a car's saler. Eventually, the mal cub of this female person have grown up and acquired a statutory permision to drive a car all by himself.

    Unfortunately, the afore mentioned male cub hasn't got the guts or the money to purchase his own auto, and hence he relies soley on HIS mother's car whenever he wants to go out and socialize with other people.

    With all this history in mind, we assume that one morning the male person needs to get to work, but
    realized that the public transporation has collapsed completely due an thunderstorm. The only option he has in order to come to work, except from walking or cycling with a high risk of being tardy, he has to take the car of his mothers.

    So, early in the morning, the male person borrowed his mother's car an drove off to work.

    Please excuse my gibberish, but that's the way I am. I was spouting off, but once I'm in full swing, I can't stop.
  • Hi you from the ANPER.
    I quite understand you are concerned about Icarus' qualification to borrow a car. As being in charge of that matters for the ANPER, your are right calling for help.

    Though there is a bug in your emergency call identification. There is no pronoun to be understood.
    You should correct it with the noun "adjective".

    Despite this mistake in the wording of your call, you can rely on the generous helper you got.

    Just a warning: There is something in the Whacky's assistance notice that could mislead you.
    - Whacky is a very knowledgable about everything from maths to old fashioned languages. He is a real know-it-all. So he needn't to attend easy lessons of English as those talking about Icarus. He doesn't know much about that accountant. I'd say there is no doubt Icarus could get a driving license but if he hits the road, it's not to socialize with other people. He can make it with his own mother yet. [say, his is not a pronoun.]

    There is also an intentional falsehood in the detailed notice. It is no gibberish at all, just the opposite.
    A gibberish is an unintellible or nonsense speech. Such as "Icarus I car no bus drive on strike stormy mum yeh mum's car late seventy-minute bottom line hit the streets..." Comedians sometimes try and tell gibberish without any stop for some time. That's not easy , believe me.

    If you cannot catch something in Whacky's note, anper, don't fail to ask for further information. Wacky seems to be a very generous dispenser of good English.

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