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Topical issue or burning question?

Hello every one!
I’m a little bit in trouble with a translation. Could anyone help me to find either a term or an expression which would mean “Tout à fait d’actualité, n'est-ce pas?” I thought to “Very topical, isn’t it?” but I’m not sure of that. (It's about a caption I would like to add to a greetings card which is showing a summer landscape as opposed to the wintry climes we are suffering these days.) I'm hesitating between this above, and "Burning question, isn’t it".
I would be grateful for an answer...
Thanking you in advance,


  • Hi GC.
    (I guess that in texto you should meet that 2 letters.)

    On the face of it "Very topical, isn't it?" meets the most literally what you said in French.

    Now taking into account the topic (!), using "burning" could be sharper. There are a lot of possibilities. It's up to you to hit the nail.
    "Make your choice, a scorching snowed up countryside or a deadly freezing landscape."
    Scorching hot or freezing cold.
    What do you fancy? Burning or chilling?
    Or, I guess, something much more striking off your pen.
    C U
  • Hi Joe!
    I think I’ll keep my 1st suggestion. That seems closer to what I want to express. Having said that, thanks a lot for your help and the interesting different colloquial expressions!
    JC (Stands for “Jicé” in its French pronunciation...)
    P.S. I can't make a total sense of your last sentence: “...something much more striking off your pen”.) What does “striking off” mean exactly? Could you please express it differently?
  • Hi JC!
    Sorry, sorry for anglicizing your famous two letters.
    Sticking to your first idea is probably the best choice.
    What I said was paradoxical, so sheer nonsense.
    My last sentence was possibly badly put together. The 'off' was a preposition, not a verb particle. I meant 'something more striking (frappant, saisissant) coming off your pen'.
    Have a merry Christmas.
  • Hello!
    Thank you for these useful explanations, Joe. I'll take note of it.
    I wish you too a Merry Christmas.

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