English Idioms

and the lorries suffered from the snow....

snowing so much in Europe these days......

who knows how to say in english ( GB or UK) :

"un camion mis en portefeuille"

Happy christmas everybody, with ou without snow.


  • Well, witty Victorine, you should release a photograph of the folded lorry. For some mates can't understand your French and those who can have possibly never got any lorry in their portfolio. In their wallet? For sure not any more.
    Hope the lorry will get unfolded before Christmas.
    Be your Christmas merry - not unlucky , snowy - not thawy, and be the lorry okey - not zigzaggery.
  • perhaps on the net i w'll fin a nice picture of " a walleted trunk"!
    cheers Joe

  • http://www.lalsace.fr/fr/article/2485417/Camion-en-portefeuille-sur-l-A36.html
  • How nice, Victorine, to get a follow-up to my answer!
    There are so many people here around who don't take the trouble to answer to what you tell them.

    Thank you for the photograph. Yes indeed, it is a folded lorry (or folded truck if you were American). But as the driver was Roumanian and the trailer Spanish, I for one would say that it was un camion en portefeuille. (What a smart saying coming from a Latin source as are doing French and Roumanian languages!)

    Keep being victorious forever and ever, Victorine.

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