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Merry christmas

I wish you a merry christmas with a lot of hope, love, in health, gifts and all you want.

I sorry i've just known that the wishes for christmas are wished it before 24th december in UK.

So i will get ahead "Happy new year !"


  • Like you; I almays forgot "the right time", but :

    "I wish you a merrey christmas
    and a happy new year
    a pocket full of money
    and e cellar full of beer"

    it's what i learnt at school long time ago.

    happy new year Leoauria
  • Is it a song, Victorine?
    "I wish you a merry Christmas
    And a happy New Year..."
    It sounds like a nursery rhyme. I love it.
    I remember some nursery rhymes came on in my GG lessons in bygone days.

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