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How the press is turning in this speeding time ...

Warbuckle is in trouble with media and you come to ask my advice. Since I am an old fool, I'll just write it down.
As many subjects, it turns around Esope's tongue.
The best : A great way to defend freedom. Just count down the number of journalists whe got killed, were sent to jails in so numerous contries.
The worst : Tabloids on one hand and Over-Focusing search about the story of the moment on the other. That's no longer defense of freedom but eager search of money.
Often, in my ears, come the words of John Lennon against Paul MacCartney : "How can you sleep at night ?"
How can you turn down such an ideal to such despisable tricks.
And your corporate attitudes always tend to deny those shifts.
Come and think of WaterGate is (was) often said. And Richard M Nixon, despite his dark side, was the American President who met Mao and opened a new era in World history.
I am not at all here, as Moses, imprecating and breaking the golden Veal. In fact, the older I get, the less I know about Right and Wrong ... Press is a Counter Power, that is very necessary in democracy. But what is the Counter Power of the Press that is too much connected to Heavy Money Guys ? To Heavy oriented (and dishonest) Spheres of thoughts ?
Just a French remark : How can one see so much blood in leading Anglo Saxon press (Newsweek, Time Magazine, .../..) and such a Puritan withhold attitude in front of so many subjects.
French Press can also be very much criticised from an Anglo-Saxon point of view, and, once again, I'm not giving any lesson to anyone, just trying to start a tiny reflexion about Press


  • The question of freedom of the press is an endless issue. Whatever can state the Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted by the UN ["Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression... "], reality never sticks to ideals. It's grounded on democratic values that are not ruling everywhere.

    Further to your note I switched to filings made by some organizations of the freedom of press in the nations all over the world, namely Reporters sans Frontières. There is also the ranking stated by Freedom House, a US non-government organization which releases more or less the same ranking as Reporters sans Frontières.

    As you rightly noted it's somehow like Esope's tongue. A complete freedom may sometimes be harmful.

    Anyway reality is never what people would like it be.

    Just the same with the rights to go to school that's written in the law of many nations. The son of the butcher won't have the same way through schools as the son of the lawyer. Neither Descartes, nor Montaigne were peasant's children.

    The issue you released is worth an elaborated debate. Can we reckon with?

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