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Lame jokes

Being short of good jokes, why not turn to lame ones?

A motto (for whacky): Love thine enemies. It makes them so mad.

A young boy whose aunt comes to pay him a visit was very quiet, as he used to be restless. The aunt: "You are used bo being more talkative, my nephew. What's up?" The boy: " My parents told me to shut up in order that I don't tell you have a big red nose."

Sugar? White powder, if not put into your teacup, it makes it taste very bad.

Lame jokes, indeed!


  • Hey Joe,

    you are touching a very delicate point here. Lame jokes have without any question their right of existence. They are entitled to be told - to espace this excruciating ennui.

    Besides, you are not my enemy, Joe - but I love you though. You never cease to amaze. And without a jibe here and then, life would be boring. Lest we never get parted.

    But don't feel too safe, Joe. I could torture you with some chapters of archaic English literature. Shakespeare himself would be astonished.
  • I have got a weird feeling... but I don't feel mad at all... So I seem not to be whacky's enemy... What a wonderful thought!

    Oops! I passed the test.
  • You two... why don't you listen to David Lowe ? good to improve your jokes i'll presume ! (broadcast on every Tuesday between 12 and half past 12 _ France Inter ).

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