English Vocabulary


What kind of party is it ?
Thanks for your ansmers.

and... happy new year everybody.


  • May I say Vic for Victorine?
    I'd like to say prom for promotion and for promenade as well. The word prom is somehow multi-meaning (a word of my own copied from multi-tasking).

    Wealthy people leaving high-shool in USA and Canada, college in UK, use to landmark their leaving at the end of last year by having a prom. It's a party starting like a "promenade", it is the ceremonious opening of a ball by a formal march of the guests dressed in tuxedos and high-end attire. Students think that way they are entering the high-class society. It's sometimes true.

    My mother who is British told me she had never taken part to such snobbish event.
  • Thanks a lot Sandy for cleaaring up the meaning of "Prom".

    Vic is OK for me.

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