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Hair and hairs

I was first amused by this Horatio story wearing loincloth, but I was also horrified by the Horation'leg hairs licked by his monkeys. Don't you have more spiritual topics to tell us about ?
Finally I was disgusted and decided to let you know in the forum.


  • Hey, lahune, I quite understand that you had rather see someone licking Susie's tuft.
    Should the latter thought relieve you from your disgust, so much the better.
  • someone? which one? Philip! It goes without saying.
    An exciting hallucination cures the worst disgusting nightmare.
  • You were right, lahune, letting know your disgust.
    Put a halo on the head of someone you love and go into contemplation.
    God bless thee.
  • I Wouldn't say God bless thee, since thee, thou, thy etc ... 2nd person sigular is reserved to the Lord.
    And so, "you" would be enough for lahune.
    Shakespeare, a guy who taught me English when I was young, as the Guardian Angel does here, overused thee, thou and thy. I turned to Gymglish to try to get in touch with a little more modern English. And, in a century or two, I've a chance. So, please, don't bring me back to a past, I try to forget, because out of time. (And now, let's start singing Imagine)

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