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clever clogs ?

What's the meaning of this : Well done. Clever clogs ! Thanks for your help.


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  • additional synonym: a smart ass
  • Hey Carmelle!
    You got the wrong header. It's not a grammar issue. It's a matter for 'English Vocabulary' chapter.

    clever, as you probably know, means skillful, intelligent, ingenious, resourceful.

    a clog , noun, is a wooden shoe.
    to clog, verb, is to obstruct, to impede.

    You can right up see the paradoxical relation between the words.

    So, a clever clogs is someone who is intelligent, witty, skillfull but who likes to show his knowledge to the point of being boring and irritating.

    a clever clogs
    a clever Dick
    a know-it-all

    Well done, clever clogs!
    [Fr. transl.] Bien fait, grand malin!

    Now, Carmelle, I need your help. Who is the most looking like a clever clogs in the Delavigne story. I need to know your mind in order to refine the portraits drawn with the Donna's enneagram.
    I look forward to your answer. Thanks in advance.

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