The Delavigne Corporation

ONE Icarus, TWO Donna, THREE Philip...what next ?

As an alumnus of the PAU - Palo Alto University, and a Therapist, I must say I have never used the Enneagram for any kind of group therapy…
My aim is to help you have answers to your essential questions about the Delavigne Corp. genesis, considering the Enneagram is a tool that has been used to conceive the whole story.
OK, Icarus is a ONE (reformer), I am a TWO (helper) and Philip, though he is “the one Philip Cheeter” a THREE (achiever)….
But what is even more important are the possible evolutions in a direction of development called integration or in a direction of disintegration, as in a situation of durable stress for instance.
Let us examine Philip’s behaviour : Type THREE is adaptive, excelling, driven, and image-conscious. In a regressive process, a THREE can become an opportunist liar and cheater, In a process of development, he will become a charismatic leader…
Just keep the ball rolling, for our best profit...
Dr. Donna Donnovan.


  • So, it was dead wrong trying to give a 9-gram test to Icarus.
    The characters of the play are monobloc. Not a single relationship with other personality trait.

    Icarus is the winner. Number one, second to none.

    Reformer ??? I have to find out ....
  • I do vote for the helper ; without her ( Donna) nothing will go on with hapiness
  • Sycophant or arse-licker? I can't believe Vic can be one or another.

    Donna is a helper. No doubt about it.
    She is three times helper.

    Se unveiled herself as a member of the writing team of the Delavigne saga.

    She stepped on the stage at any time to play her role of psychologist with the characters of the play.

    She recently got off the stage to join us, the audience. She revealed the characters had been built according to the formal setting of the enneagram.

    Donna is a helper, period. A better position than a reformer, ok! But we don't need to vote for anyone.
  • FOUR Giuseppe the monkey

    The only one who disregards what other people think and believe in the corporation.
    The only one who can hope to be welcome in heaven.

    How does that grab you, earthlings?
  • "FOUR Giuseppe the monkey"

    No, certainly not, the Enneagram can be applied to people, perhaps to angels (if they have had a childhood ?) but not to apes and monkeys. You should read Margaret Mead.

    By the way, if there was at least one Good Manager at Delavigne Corp., he would sell all these old apes like Giuseppe to zoos and replace them by a company of squirrel monkeys.

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