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Tenses with "after" ; during/for

Hello everybody,

I have 2-3 questions for a single sentence !
Which tenses must I use in this sentence ? Must I use "during" or "for" and is it dependent on the tense ?
After I "completed/had completed" my certificate, I "worked/have worked" as a ... position (position that I have just finished)"during/for" 18 months

Thank you for your help.



  • Hiya Alexandra,

    Congratulations for sparing space. 2 or 3 questions on the same rack. Would you need help to rid the rack of fleas?

    during vs for
    during = in the course of (sometime in the course of)
    for (here, indicationg a span of time) = in the duration of time
    So, you worked as a manager FOR 18 months.

    As you just finished that position, you are no longer manager. So you say:
    I worked as a manager for 18 months.
    [If you were still manager, you would say: Now I have worked as a manager for 18 months. - perfect but still present]

    You had completed your certificate BEFORE being hired as manager. So, you say: After I had completed, I worked..

    After I had completed my certificate, I worked as a manager for 18 months.
    (How long am I to be on the dole?)
  • Thank you very much for your clear reply and for the pun, Joe the screwball !

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