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Radio Rhubarb

Hello everyone!
I'm ashamed: I have been practicing Gymglish for about 2 years, and I'm still unable to understand the entire sonorous greeting message just before that Brent and Moira introduce themselves. Could anybody help me in writing that greeting, please?
Best regards,


  • On this evening of January the 23rd I went to my workbook to listen to some Radio Rhubarb broadcastings.
    As you know, Jicé, the tape doesn't always run clear and loud, sometimes spitting creaky.
    Most often the starting trailer goes musically so:
    "Radio Club Rhubaaarb. THE club: Radio Rhubarb."
    That what I can catch.

    NB trailer = 'bande-annonce'.
  • Thanks a lot for your investigation, Joe. Especially on a Sunday night! Even if my question would appear insignificant, your answer has relieved my mind!
    I'm sure that a new exercice will come shortly so as to give me the opportunity of listening that message. I promise you to listen more carefully.
    Thank you again.
  • You don't need a new exercice to come, Jicé.
    At the top of your lessons, there a menu.
    In the same way as you click on 'forum' to come here, click on 'Your Workbook'. Then on 'episodes'. There you can go back to all the lessons you got so far, notably the Radio Rhubarb broadscasts.
    Thereafter, tell me if I heard the trailer right or wrong.
  • Hello!
    I did it as you said. I succeed now in discerning better, but on the whole, the trailer remains a little bit confused to me. I think It's due to the background sound. Maybe I have to "sharpen" my sense of hearing!
    Be that as it may, thank you for your help, Joe.
  • I think I can help you both out.

    What the trailers says (in the voice of Brent, by the way) is a mathematical equation:
    It says: 'Radio plus Rhubarb equals: Radio Rhubarb'.

    (Radio + Rhubarb = Radio Rhubarb)

    That's the kind of upbeating humor typical Radio broadcasts have. Original. Why not?
  • I think you're right, Whacky. It looks like to what I think I hear...
    Thank you very much indeed to both of you.
  • You shouldn't thank me, Jicé, as I mislead you.
    As you can see, I am deaf as a post! I'd better keep quiet.
    Thank you, Whacky, the helper.(3 on the enneagram)
  • That's nothing that should induce you to keep
    quiet, Joe. By the way, it would be a pity.

    The intro is indeed very difficult to make out.
    It's only that I've listened to some lectures
    about mathematics and heard this 'equation
    stuff' spoken out loud frequently. That's why
    it was so easy for me to recognize it in the
    RR intro.
  • Bonjour Gymglishers,
    I thought you were going to say how Radio Rhubarb is great for learning 'living' English (Over World English, by the way).
    It's crazy, of a kind of craziness I really enjoy : I assume I'm a fool. Happily the lady is there to handle Brent's craziness, and the level of English is the one I need to learn ...
    But the dialog around the crazy equation was great ...

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