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Hello everyone!
I'm ashamed: I have been practicing Gymglish for about 2 years, and I'm still unable to understand the entire sonorous greeting message just before that Brent and Moira introduce themselves. Could anybody help me in writing that greeting, please?
Best regards,

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  • I like that word "niftily", it sounds so sweet. I much more appreciate your vocabulary than the one in my lessons! just go on.
    friendly wave. Vict.
  • I agree: RR is extremely helpful for getting used to English how it is really spoken. And if it reassures you (since we didn't pointed it out in our dialog explicitly), I am delighted to say it here with all due respect: RR has the kind of craziness we want and enjoy and it teaches us in vernacular English. And it's again the bloke who is crazy (whacky, yeah!) and the gal who straightens him out. We love it.

    Isn't that put niftily - or what? And if not: Who cares? It's acceptable to talk 'utter bilge' (as a Brit would say) if it help you to practise English. Talk, talk, talk -without paying too much attention to what you say. Kids do the same. I did the same, much to the chagrin of my parents and other family members.

    But I digress and back to the point: You're right - hundred percent, except for the part with the fool - in this regard I daresay you're wrong.


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