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What are brooms used for?

I remember seeing on Trafalgar square a flight squadron of wizards riding broomsticks. If you are a GymGlisher there are 99.999% of chances that you got a glimpse of them.
This evening I noticed a witch riding a broom too.
I wonder why wizards and witches need brooms? What are these many brooms used for?


  • Wizards and witches ride on broomsticks because riding on vacuum cleaners is too uncormfortable and too expensive.
  • So they are old-fashioned cleaning teams.
  • This was a joke.
  • Earthlings have always been misjudging beings having spirituel power, warlocks, wizards and witches.

    Witches are most often portrayed as old hags in a black attire, wearing a pointed black cap and flying on a broomstick. That is partially untrue; witches are flying in their birthday suit because they are pure in their body like in their soul. Luna Delune who knows their paranormal powers is used to watching them flying across a full moon. She could confirm they are flying naked.

    A witch is said being in consort with Satan, the Evil One. That's untrue. Wizards and witches have been provided with a shred of the heavenly Wisdom. As a result they carry out magical power.

    Why do they move riding a broomstick?
    You would be naive thinking they use the broom as a brush with a dustpan to clean anything. The broom is used to drive away worries and misfortunes.

    Now they need a stick fixed to the broom because they are not provided with natural wings like angels and birds. Wizards and witches face the process of flighing as do earthlings. To fly a one-seated plane, men as witches need a stick to settle the proper pitch of the plane and its turn-and-bank as well. So, as any flyer but angles and birds, a witch needs a broomstick.

    All Gods bless you.
  • Funny mistaking an angle for an angel.
    Next full moon at my place: Friday Feb 18 at 8:36 CET.
    Funny no longer mistaking a witch for a UFO on that day.

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