The Delavigne Corporation

The show must go on

This is a response to all you wanted to know about the creation of a Delavigne Corp. scenario.
Let us examine a lesson, “Bob’s Expense Account” : there are 3 main characters involved : Icarus, Bruno, Robert (Bob).

No doubt, “self-confident, decisive, willful, and confrontational”, Bruno is an EIGHT. “principled, purposeful, self-controlled, and perfectionistic”, this is Icarus, a ONE. Bob is “spontaneous, versatile, distractible, and scattered”, a SEVEN.

Icarus and Bruno are reviewing all employee expense accounts. There is an unexplained extra charge on Bob’s account. Bob will tell them : “we had this extra money and, well, I’ve always loved pinball…”

The Enneagram says :

For Bruno and Icarus
“Ones and Eights bring a common concern with fighting for truth and justice in their world. They both often feel that it is up to them to stand against whatever they perceive as injustice or falseness. Both can see themselves as gallant crusaders protecting the weak, righting wrongs, and making the world a better place.”

For Icarus and Robert
“Ones and Sevens have a particular complementary and reciprocal relationship. … they can drive each other further apart by playing on each other's weaknesses …. Ones bring conscientiousness, orderliness, good work habits, methodical attention to detail, and a pleasure in maintaining excellence and high standards. Sevens bring spontaneity, high energy, curiosity, an orientation toward fun and adventure, the desire to try new things, and an ability to not get too hung up with getting everything done perfectly.”

For Robert and Bruno
“Sevens bring more lightness and a sense of fun and excitement, trying something new and different for the sake of keeping things fresh and stimulating. Eights are usually surprisingly more reserved and moody than is often recognized, and they rely on the Seven to lighten the atmosphere and to make their practical affairs more fun and enjoyable. Eights also bring directness, decisiveness, and the willingness to face difficult situations with determination and persistence.”

Questions to keen readers ? :
- Do you know what happens at the end of the episode ?
- What enneagram type is Susan Bliss ?
- Are there links between types and functions in a company ?
- Would it be the same sketch with a Myers-Briggs typology ?

Whatever your response to any of these questions please press the button to keep the ball rolling.

Your Dearest Dr. Donna Donnovan

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  • From Donna:
    Come on, Whacky ! Sure we met in Palo Alto .. maths and physics ?


    Dear Donna,

    My heart is filled with anquish.

    Oh, I see. Type TWO's love being needed and helping others - but assuredly they don't love maths and physics. Hence rule number one: Never confess to a TWO that you're into maths and physics, unless you can afford forfeiting their sympathy. Oh - I'm crushed. Even mathematicians and physicists (and engineers and technicians) have a heart. Maybe I need another type TWO to bring on the rebound again... that's how things go for a gentleman...

    But it's not about me, Donna, it's about you. Be reassured that I really appreciate your efforts in enlightening us about the enneagram, which accounts for the Delavigne characters.

    Maybe, in return, I could give you some lectures about quantum physics.
  • 'with anguish', of course. Sorry. Typo.

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