Dear Madam and Doctoress,
Ugoid aka Ugold will not respond to you now because I replace him.
The DIF - in French, Droit Individuel à la Formation - has no budget for his courses of Englich and he has spended too many time at it and not suficently at his work.
We thank you very much for to make us discover the eneagram and we use it now to manage our peoples.
We have make pass a eneagram test at Ugoid, and we can see that he is a "9". This is not good for him and for the service of us also even if he speak Englich currently because there is no need of Englich in our service. Me I speak Englich because when I go to travel for my holidays. We need more many “8” like me and Bruno or also “3” like Philip but no “9” at all. Perhaps we will send Ugoid to the retreat very soon.
Please continue to respond to me because it honors me.
Please Madam and Doctoress, consider my respectfull regards.
The Chief of the DIF