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Translation with the mouse of the computer

I can't anymore get the translation of some words when I pass the mouse above them , It was very useful , Does anybody can sort out this problem for me? Thank you Michèle


  • If you had a software working previously, it has possibly been desactivated. See your programs.
    If you need such translation only on line, you could load "Google chrome" - among others. Type it in your search engine box. It will be rushing to get used on your computer.
    Be always sceptical of the translations provided by such systems!!
  • Hi Michele,

    It sounds like it's about your web browser (most likely Internet Explorer), which had offered you, until recently, an automatic translation of a word when your mouse pointer hovered over it. That's most likely the 'translation' feature of the Google toolbar. It superimposes a translation of a word displayed in your browser. This feature can be deactivated. Maybe somebody else or yourself has deactivated it undeliberately.

    You can turn it on again if you go to the 'Google' toolbar at the top in your webbrowser, go to the drop-down menu 'Translation' (or 'Übersetzung' in German, ‘Traduction’ in French or whatever your language is) and tick the item "Word Translation" ) (or 'Wortübersetzung’ or ‘Traduction des mots’), so the the tick mark is displayed again. That will reactivate the word translation feature.

    That'll should solve your problem. I hope I could help.
  • thank you very much for your help ! I have just followed your advice and so , I can again get the translation of some words I need

    Actually , my comptuter disk had been formated because it was getting too slow and the Google toolbar hadn't been downloaded again and reactivated

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