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Dans quel sens le train de Kevin?

J'ai un problème de compréhension.

Scene 3
The train from London to Newcastle collided with a cargo train en route from Manchester to London today.
Scène 4
I was on the passenger train on its way back to London (to catch my flight, which I obviously missed) when we collided with a cargo train.

Ais-je bien compris:
Scène 3 : le train de passagers allant de Londres à Newcastle est entré en collision avec un train de marchandises allant de Manchester à Londres.

Scène 4 : Kevin déclare qu'il était dans le train de voyageurs lors de son voyage de retour à Londres (donc allant de Newcastle à Londres).

Y a-t-il incohérence ou ais-je mal compris?



  • First and foremost, Gilbert, you shouldn't speak French here. Should Willy the Security Guard make his rounds here around, you would be reprimanded. Try to express yourself in something kind of English which is the imperial language muzzling all others.

    As long as I can catch your say, Gilbert, I answer YES (expression of approval). Yes, you got it!
    Just picture it. It's more than likely that several collisions of passenger trains with cargo trains happen simultaneously in England. That happened some years ago when the British Rail got partitioned into several companies as privatisation raged.

    What's your angle, Gilbert, about privatisation of public services?

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