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Donna, just tell me why she speaks like that, speedy, "sharp" and so on.... what

what kind of accent Edward's got in my last lesson ? and Hannah screaming, difficult to hear him ! poor ears of mine !
i hardly understood what he said and... back luck, if I use my oxford on line for a bit of help... i loose my lesson.... whouahhh !
Thanks everyone, i feel disturb, hum... not that much in fact, it's still sunday.
bisousou ( french idiom).
"The lesson : Hannah discusses instruments with her colleagues at the coffee machine."


  • Hi, Victorine,
    Good questions : I think I can help about Hannah, but I am not yet definitely convinced . You know there are lacks in the gallery of portraits histories. If you look at Hannah's picture you will read : "Coming soon to the Delavigne Corp website: Stay tuned!". We cannot stay "tuned" all that time ;-).
    You know that events during childhood are very important and make people have an unconscient basic behaviour. As Hannah Benedict is a public character, I can tell you she has not come to see me at my office at Delavigne (by the way, just close to the coffee machine). I have some clues, but I am not yet sure of her type : just give me a few days, I hope we have a little chat... at the coffee machine...

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